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Air Conditioner Sales Winnipeg

In a city like Winnipeg, a new AC is almost as important as a new furnace. Due to the sweltering weather that is experienced in the summer months, it’s a necessity to keep cool. Because of this, we have some of the most competitive rates when it comes to buying a new AC in Winnipeg. We believe that you should have choice; because of this, we offer many brands of new AC for you to find the best fit not only for your home, but your comfort too.

We understand that buying a new AC may be overwhelming, that’s where your Winnipeg AC expert comes in. We provide you with an obligation free quote for all AC sales Winnipeg. We pride ourselves in being one of the best AC companies in Winnipeg. We don’t say this lightly; we truly care about our clients and their needs. We also care taking good care of our AC technicians so that they can provide the outmost level of customer satisfaction.

Air Conditioning Mistakes that cost you $$$

    • Overlooking your air filter
    • Dirty coils and vents
    • Outdated thermostat
    • Over use of the system
    • Clogged drain
    • Wrong size of unit for size of home
    • Old AC unit using more energy adding up monthly bills
    • Yearly AC maintenance not completed

Best AC Company in Winnipeg

Furnace Air Winnipeg has over 20 years’ experience in AC sales Winnipeg and are available any time of any day for all AC sales Winnipeg. With expert advice and top of the line brands, you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t been cooler this whole time. Our technicians are certified and insured, plus we have each technician pass an extensive background check. Our background check is in place to ensure we hire only the best, and to ensure our clients have a peace of mind knowing their technicians can be trusted inside their home. When buying a new AC Winnipeg we want our clients happy, comfortable, and to trust that we are the reputed AC company in Winnipeg.

Tips for buying a new AC Winnipeg:

      • Ensure new AC unit is correct size of your home
      • High efficient rating ensuring your bills stay low
      • Warranty
      • Life expectancy of the new AC unit
      • Research reviews of various brands of new AC units
      • Ask questions
      • Shop for a new AC Winnipeg in the cooler months, brands are likely to be on sale
      • Be patient
      • Check for rebates
    • Ask for a maintenance contract to ensure your unit receives care throughout the year

If you’re looking for the best AC company Winnipeg, look no further! Winnipeg AC sales is at your service, any day, and any time. We pride ourselves on being available at all times for our clients, which is why we are considered to be the best AC company in whole Winnipeg city.

We provide AC sales and Installation services in Winnipeg, essentially we provide all AC related services. Call us today to speak with a technician and to get your free quote on a new AC Winnipeg. Stay cool all summer long by receiving the best work from the reliable AC company in Winnipeg.

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