Air Conditioner Tune Up


Let’s talk about AC tune up and why it’s imperative for your AC unit. Every year, it’s important to get your AC unit tuned up and looked at by a certified AC technician. In a city like Winnipeg where winters are quite cold, your AC unit sits outside and therefore is subjected to the harsh temperatures of the city. Because of this, getting your AC serviced regularly and properly cleaned by a certified HVAC technician, will prevent potential damages to your air conditioner unit before they happen.

Your air conditioner needs to be cleaned, tuned up and assessed on a yearly and in some case, bi yearly basis to ensure that it won’t let you down when you need your AC most in the hot summer nights. The more proficient you are at preventing potential AC problems, the more your AC will function properly.

Furthermore, your AC unit consumes energy; the more frequent the AC tune ups, the more energy it preserves. This means that you can kiss those high energy bills goodbye and thank your Air Conditioning unit for it.

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