Why Us

Why Us

  • Furnace Air Winnipeg has acquired the reputation of best HVAC company in Winnipeg in just a brief time. Our reviews speak for themselves; with a 5 star rating, it’s no secret that we rapidly grew in the homes and hearts of Winnipeg residents.

    Why we do it? For the love of seeing our customers happy! We recognize that too many brands out there don’t truly care for their clients so we want to provide a service that is not only high quality trademenship, but also a solid foundation to relate with our customers for the years to come.

    We also have a multitude of certifications and over 20 years of experience servicing Western Canadian homes. Our technicians are fully insured and bonded so you can rest assured that you are welcoming in your home highly trusted HVAC technicians.

    Furnace Air is an Affiliate of AAA Heating and Cooling Ltd. We have several locations across the country and we presently operate in the following cities: Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton. We will be expanding in other parts of Canada in the upcoming year and we are excited to share our new locations with you soon.

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